Seacroft Holiday Camp, Hemsby - History

Seacroft was opened in the 1920s by 19-year-old Jack Bishop who got the idea after delivering meat from the family business to the Hemsby Holiday Camp. He bought some land across the street and soon had his own camp up and running. He continued operating and improving the camp for the next 40-odd years, personally seeing to all the details, and the camp gained a wonderful reputation.


Seacroft Holiday Camp

Looking to wind down he sold the camp to Pontins in 1971 but remained on the Seacroft board of directors. Mr Bishop became mayor of Great Yarmouth in 1974. Unlike most of their other acquisitions Pontins did not heavily rebuild the camp so it remained largely unchanged with most of its old wooden chalets.

It was sold by Pontins in 1998 and was acquired by the Richardson's Group. It continued much the same with the camp still keeping that old retro holiday camp feel. In 2017 Richardson's merged it with their adjoining Hemsby Beach camp and most of Seacroft was demolished to make way for new caravans as part of a £10 million renovation. The whole site is now known as Hemsby Beach Holiday Park.


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