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Atlantic City, New Jersey 1960s

Atlantic City, New Jersey 1960s

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Boardwalk Bliss: 1962 Atlantic City Canvas Print

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Atlantic City's iconic boardwalk with our captivating canvas print. As you gaze down onto the boardwalk, the majestic pier stretches out, and the renowned Marlborough Blenheim Hotel stands proudly on the right, echoing tales of a bygone era.

Atlantic City Boardwalk 1962 Canvas Print Features:

  • Captivating 1962 Photograph of Atlantic City Boardwalk and Pier
  • Fade-Resistant Canvas on 3/4" Thick Wood Frame for Enduring Beauty
  • Brings the Coastal Majesty of Marlborough Blenheim Hotel to Your Living Space
  • FREE worldwide shipping
We can also supply this image in a wide variety of other formats including posters, metal or wood framed prints and aluminum. In addition we can also print the image on a wide variety of clothing and household items. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.
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