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Bergen Airport, Norway 1972 (SAS Douglas DC-9 Orvar Viking)

Bergen Airport, Norway 1972 (SAS Douglas DC-9 Orvar Viking)

Old Color Images

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Soar Through 1972 Norway on the Wings of Time with Old Color Images' Bergen Airport Print

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff to a bygone era of Scandinavian adventure! Old Color Images invites you to board a flight back in time with this captivating canvas print showcasing Bergen Airport in Norway during 1972 with the majestic Scandinavian Airlines Douglas DC-9, proudly bearing the name "Orvar Viking" on its fuselage.

A vintage postcard come to life:

    • Orvar Viking takes flight: Feel the thrum of the DC-9's engines as it prepares to embark on its Scandinavian journey. Imagine passengers peering out the windows, anticipation flickering in their eyes as they dream of fjord-filled landscapes and Viking legends.
    • A simpler time to take to the skies: Step back to a world where the journey itself was part of the adventure. Picture friendly check-in agents, paper boarding passes, and the thrill of boarding a majestic DC-9, ready to conquer the Scandinavian skies.

More than just a vintage photo, it's art for your walls:

    • This wonderful color image is printed on fade-resistant canvas, mounted on a sturdy ¾” (19mm) wood frame, and ready to transport you to the heart of 1970s Bergen Airport.
    • It's not just a historical record; it's a conversation starter, a mood-setter, and a timeless reminder of a world where air travel was synonymous with adventure and exploration.

Order your canvas print today and let Old Color Images bring the vintage charm of Bergen Airport and the legendary Orvar Viking to your home!

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