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Harrison Street, Flint, Michigan 1970s

Harrison Street, Flint, Michigan 1970s

Old Color Images

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Journey Through Flint's Past: Explore Flint, Michigan, in 1975 with our latest canvas print from Old Color Images.

This captivating color photo unveils the NW corner of Harrison Street and E 2nd Street, immortalizing a moment in time that has since given way to change. Available now, this print is your ticket to a bygone era.

Step back into 1975 as our lens captures the charm of Flint. This corner, once adorned with buildings, now stands as a parking lot, a testament to the evolving landscape. Witness the MTA bus proudly displaying an advertisement for Robert 'Bob' Edwards, vying for the mayoral position, providing a unique political touch to the scene.

Drew's Shoes and Beyond: In the background, catch a glimpse of Drew's Shoes, an establishment that was part of the fabric of this community. The photo encapsulates not just the physical structures but the spirit of Flint during that era.

Old Color Images Flint 1975 Canvas Print

  • Printed on fade resistant textured canvas
  • 3/4" thick wood frame
  • Canvas it tougher than paper so no need to frame it or put it behind glass - supplied ready to hang
  • FREE worldwide delivery
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