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Fenelon Place Elevator, Dubuque, Iowa 1977

Fenelon Place Elevator, Dubuque, Iowa 1977

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Scale the Heights of History: 1977 Fenelon Place Elevator Canvas Print

Take a nostalgic trip to Dubuque's past with Old Color Images' captivating canvas print of the iconic Fenelon Place Elevator, frozen in time in 1977! This charming funicular railway, first ascending the bluffs in 1882, still whisks passengers up to breathtaking views today.

Experience the magic of the Fenelon Place Elevator:

    • Museum-quality canvas: Every detail of this historic landmark, from the wooden car to the lush greenery, captured in vibrant clarity.
    • Ready-to-hang convenience: No framing needed, just instant Dubuque charm.
    • Authentic 1977: A true time warp, meticulously restored and enhanced for a genuine vintage feel.
    • Five sizes to choose from: Find the perfect fit for your space, from a desk-sized treasure to a statement piece for your living room.
    • Free worldwide delivery: Dubuque's iconic landmark, delivered straight to you.

More than just a print, it's a portal: Hear the clanging bell, smell the fresh air, and feel the thrill of the ride. Old Color Images brings history home, reminding you of a time when engineering marvels and stunning landscapes went hand in hand.

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