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Fleet Street, London 1965

Fleet Street, London 1965

Old Color Images

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Transport yourself to the bustling streets of 1960s London with our captivating photo showcasing Fleet Street. On the right, the iconic Kardomah Cafe at number 180—an integral part of a once-sprawling coffee shop chain across the UK. Next door, the enduring presence of the Protestant Truth Society which still occupies the same building to this day. In the middle, the majestic St Dunstan in the West Church, a timeless landmark connecting the past and the present.

Our canvas prints, intricately attached to a durable 3/4" (19mm) thick wood frame, preserve the essence of this iconic moment. The robust nature of canvas ensures these prints are ready to hang on your wall, eliminating the need for framing or glass.

FREE worldwide shipping. Elevate your surroundings with our carefully curated prints, where every detail has a story to tell. Choose Old Color Images for a timeless journey through the captivating scenes of the past.

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