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George & Dragon pub, Dragon Road, London 1968 - Canvas Print

George & Dragon pub, Dragon Road, London 1968 - Canvas Print

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Step into the past with Old Color Images, your premier destination for stunning canvas prints featuring historic color photographs. Enjoy the added convenience of free worldwide delivery as you explore our curated collection, available in 5 different sizes.

Transport yourself to 1968 with our exclusive canvas print, capturing the timeless charm of a classic London pub, The George and Dragon. This color photo freezes a moment in history when the pub stood proudly on the corner of Dragon Road and St George's Way in Camberwell, just across from what is now Burgess Park. Note the Ford Anglia parked outside. Sadly, this iconic pub is long gone, but you can immortalize its essence on your walls.

Our fade-resistant canvas prints, seamlessly attached to a ¾” (19mm) thick wood frame, promise enduring quality and visual allure. Effortlessly transform your space into a gallery of historical wonders, as our prints are delivered ready to hang—no framing or glass needed.

Indulge in the authenticity of our prints—genuine color photos that tell stories and evoke nostalgia. Each print is a piece of history, ready to grace your space and spark conversations. With Old Color Images, your walls become a canvas for the extraordinary.

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