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Horizon Apartment Hotel, North Atlantic Blvd, Ft Lauderdale 1950s

Horizon Apartment Hotel, North Atlantic Blvd, Ft Lauderdale 1950s

Old Color Images

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Step Back into Mid-Century Paradise with Old Color Images' Horizon Apartment Hotel Print!

Escape to a sun-drenched oasis of retro cool with this vibrant canvas print from Old Color Images, showcasing the iconic Horizon Apartment Hotel on North Atlantic Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale during the glorious 1950s! Feel the warm Florida breeze brush through your hair as you picture yourself lounging poolside, cocktails in hand, amidst the vibrant energy of this mid-century masterpiece.

A postcard come to life:

    • Horizon Apartment Hotel in all its glory: Marvel at the sleek lines and pastel hues of the hotel, its playful balconies catching the golden rays of the Florida sun. Imagine yourself checking in, anticipation bubbling at the prospect of adventures under the endless blue sky.
    • Classic cars and chrome dreams: Let your eyes feast on the parade of iconic 1950s vehicles parked out front. Feel the rumble of powerful engines and picture yourself cruising down the coast, hair flying in the wind, in one of these vintage beauties.
    • A simpler time of fun and sun: Step back to an era where poolside laughter danced on the air, carefree days stretched into twilight, and every corner promised a new adventure. Imagine the sound of lively music, the aroma of grilled burgers, and the happy hum of a bygone era.

More than just a vintage photo, it's art for your walls:

    • This wonderful color image is printed on fade-resistant canvas, mounted on a sturdy ¾” thick wood frame, and ready to transport you to the heart of 1950s Fort Lauderdale.
    • It's not just a historical record; it's a conversation starter, a mood-setter, and a timeless reminder of a world where life moved at a slower pace and happiness bloomed under the Florida sun.

Order your canvas print today and let Old Color Images bring the retro charm of Fort Lauderdale and the unforgettable vibes of the 1950s to your home!

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