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Lady Jane, Carnaby Street, London 1960s - Canvas Print

Lady Jane, Carnaby Street, London 1960s - Canvas Print

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Step into history with Old Color Images, your premier source for high-quality canvas prints featuring iconic moments captured in historic color photographs. Immerse yourself in the past with our curated collection, available in 5 different sizes, and enjoy the added perk of free worldwide delivery.

Explore the vibrant Carnaby Street in London with our exclusive photo of Lady Jane taken in 1966. This clothes shop was opened in May of that year by Henry Moss and Harry Fox and it soon made headlines by featuring live models getting changed in the shop window - until the police intervened. In our canvas print we can observe people stopping to read picture and newspaper clippings about the event so this must have been taken shortly after it happened.

Our fade-resistant canvas prints are mounted on a ¾” (19mm) thick wood frame, ensuring enduring quality and visual allure. Unlike paper, canvas proves its resilience, eliminating the need for additional framing or glass. Our prints are supplied ready to hang, effortlessly transforming your space into a gallery of historical treasures.

Indulge in the authenticity of our prints—genuine color photos that tell stories and transport you to pivotal moments in history. Each print is a piece of the past, ready to grace your space and spark conversations. With Old Color Images, your walls become a canvas for the extraordinary.

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