Collection: Wall art canvas prints of Las Vegas

Wall art canvas prints of Las Vegas in the 1960s & 1970s. Vintage color images with free worldwide shipping. Choose from 5 different sizes from small (8" x 12") to large (24" x 36")

Specializing in photographs captured on film from the 1950s to the 1990s, we steer clear of the typical mountain and scenery shots. Our preference lies in showcasing the transformations that have occurred over the years. Within our collection of fascinating canvas prints you'll discover vibrant street scenes, vanished stores, diverse cars, iconic fashion, and various modes of transportation. Each image serves as a time capsule, narrating a distinctive story and immortalizing an era that has faded away, yet significantly influenced the present world.

Why canvas prints?

  1. Canvas is tougher than paper so you don't have to frame it or put it behind annoying reflective glass
  2. Canvas prints come ready to hang on the wall
  3. Canvas has a pleasing matte finish which looks good under most lighting conditions
  4. Canvas is lightweight and easily hung with nothing more than a pushpin
  5. Canvas has a fade-resistant textured finish which enhances the natural look and feel